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Private Lessons

Individual Instruction
Private lessons create a setting for you to address questions about yoga and meditation and clarify your approach to practice. Experienced students gain from expert assistance in overcoming challenges that arise in any yoga practice. One on one instruction is an effective way to 'compress' the time needed to access the benefits of yoga. This can promote a deeper understanding of how you can use this rich practice.


Yoga Instruction

Private yoga courses create an opportunity for you to develop a practice suitable to your stage of life, health history, and lifestyle. Good for beginning students, serious students who want to develop a deeper understanding of yoga and those with therapeutic concerns preparing for public classes.

Yoga Foundations
A course of private yoga lessons (75 min session 1 x / week for 6 - 8 weeks). Supportive of home/personal practice and attendance of public classes. Yoga for beginners and those who have a personal practice who are want to clarify their understanding of fundamental principles of yoga.

  • History of yoga in context w/ modern life
  • Asana & vinyasa (active and passive)
  • Pranayama (breath awareness +)
  • Fundamental principles of (alignment, structure and integrated movement)
  • Essential principles of restorative yoga
  • Yoga philosophy & psychology
  • Meditation

Restorative Yoga
A course of private yoga lessons (75 min session 1 x / week for 4 - 6 weeks). Covers principles and practice methodology of restorative yoga. Encompasses restorative postures, deep relaxation, yogic breathing, the relationship between stress, rest and vitality, balancing the autonomic nervous system to support tissue regeneration and healing and meditative awareness. Good for those with chronic pain, fatigue, illness and physical / mental tension. Especially beneficial to those experiencing:

  • Stress related issues
  • Anxiety / Depression
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Mental focus
  • Recovery / rehabilitation after injury or surgery
  • Back pain
  • Physical tightness / pain / inflexibility
  • Bunions
  • Fibromyalgia
  • MS

Back Care Basics
A course of personalized lessons (75 min session 1 x / week for 6 - 8 weeks) for individuals suffering from chronic back pain and back care concerns (including low back pain, sciatica, hunched posture, neck pain and scoliosis). Course addresses the relationship between posture and pain and discover ways to manage / reestablish health through yoga for a back care. Can benefit those who are experiencing:

  • Back pain
  • Sciatica
  • Scoliosis
  • Herniated discs
  • Weakness and pain that is exacerbated by stress
  • Chronic neck pain / thoracic outlet syndrome


A course of individualized instruction (75 min session 1 x / week for 4 - 6 weeks). Focus is on establishing the fundamental principles of meditation practice according to the need / goals of the individual. Involves postures and movements that promote ease and comfort in sitting meditation, breathing exercises meditation psychology and energy cultivation.

  • Posture and energy (relationship between gravity, breath and chakras)
  • Psychology of meditation
  • Deep relaxation & stress management
  • Breath awareness and exercises (pranayama)
  • Asanas to promote meditation
  • Integrating meditation into modern lifestyle

Personalized Programs
Programs can be tailored to your particular interests, goals and challenges. Preparatory and ongoing study is available to those entering yoga teacher training programs. Beneficial to those looking manage occupation related physical issues.

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